Yahoo Hosting Review

Yahoo Web Hosting - who knew? Turns out they are a major player in the hosting game, in addition to their other product offerings, which include search, directory, malls, auctions, shopping. Yahoo Hosting in fact offers a full suite of hosting products for small businesses; hence the name Yahoo Small Business Hosting. The best part about dealing with Yahoo Web Hosting is that you know that this host is not to suddenly disappear. They are the safest pick on the Internet and are a great start for beginners. Yahoo Hosting packages do not offer robust features when compared to other web hosts, nor are they the cheapest, but they are the most reliable host on the Internet. A great feature of Yahoo Hosting is their elaborate E-Commerce features. You can take your business to the next level with their comprehensive add-on features that are easy to implement on your business website. Market your business to the millions who surf Yahoo! daily with their substantial assortment of E-Commerce features.

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Hosting Ratings:
Price Value 6.5 / 10
Performance 9 / 10
Reliability 10 / 10
Customer Support 8 / 10
Control Panel 8 / 10
User Feedback 8 / 10
Overall Grade: 82%

Price Value
Packages offered by Yahoo Web Hosting are not really designed for power web users, but are more geared towards beginners. Their packages are a little more expensive when compared to the other top web hosts, but this is Yahoo! and they offer a complete support team to help you get started, as well as tools (such as website builder) for free. As an added bonus, you get unlimited disk space and bandwidth with your account. There are some caveats here, so we recommend that you check out the disclaimer on the Yahoo hosting site for full details on just what exactly "unlimited" means.

One thing Yahoo Hosting has always done well is web-based applications, and this is no exception. If you are new to site building, they are a safe place to go. If you are experienced, you may find their packages to be extremely limiting.

Starting an online store with Yahoo Small Business Hosting is easy because they will set you up with credit card processing, a Yahoo! store in a Yahoo! mall, catalogue, inventory, etc. and help you along the way.

The best on the Internet, bar none.

Control Panel
Yahoo Web Hosting features an excellent web-based control panel that really helps to keep you on the right track. The control panel offers extensive features and functionality that integrate directly into Yahoo's other applications and services.

Customer Support
Yahoo Hosting features excellent trained technicians that will help you along the way. They are used to calls from many web hosting beginners, so take advantage of their 24/7 toll free-support desk in multi-languages.

Hosting Plans
Yahoo Web Hosting Plan: unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth @ $7.46/month
Merchant Starter Plan: Unlimited GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth @ $39.95/month

*price is for first three months only as per the special offer, then standard rates apply