IX Web Hosting Review

IX Web Hosting is a subsidiary of the Ecommerce Corporation. Established in 1999, IX Hosting is one of the few web hosting companies that currently owns and operates its own datacenter. Their datacenter is located in Hopkinsville, KY. IX Web Hostingcurrently boasts over 37,000 worldwide customers, on over 750 servers.

IX Hosting has two unique offers that are truly beneficial to customers. The first is that they offer a one-hour support response guarantee: If a support technician does not get back to you within one of posting your ticket, they will credit part of your hosting charges back.

Secondly, for those who are concerned about hosting charges increasing every year, IX Web Hosting guarantees that your current pricing will not increase during future renewals.

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Visit IX Web Hosting
Hosting Ratings:
Price Value 8.5 / 10
Performance 9 / 10
Reliability 9 / 10
Customer Support 8 / 10
Control Panel 8 / 10
User Feedback 8 / 10
Overall Grade: 83%

Price Value
IX Web Hosting has a number of hosting plans to help meet the needs of a variety of customers; in fact, their flexibility is definitely one of their assets. They are one of the few hosts offering both Windows- and Linux-based hosting. The economy plan is outstanding with unlimited web space and unlimited data transfer. This is ideal for those customers that need the flexibility to grow their website(s).

With multiple domains or technology requirements, the other plans have excellent value compared to other major web hosting providers. IX Hosting plans also offer options to organizations with large amounts of storage requirements or multiple domains, since a number of their plans feature unlimited storage. Furthermore, if you are not satisfied, IX Web Hosting offers a 100% "no questions asked" money back guarantee (we looked into this and it is true!)

IX Web Hosting provides great reliability for your site. This host puts no more than 100 websites on each server. This is very good when you consider that some web hosts put thousands of websites on one server. We have heard of no reliability issues with IX Hosting.

Control Panel
IX Hosting uses a custom-designed control panel based on H-Sphere, providing real-time access to account management. Although this is not as flexible and integrated as "Cpanel" used by other web hosts, it has received good feedback from clients.

Customer Support
Intitial feedback has been excellent for IX Web Hosting customer support, which is available by telephone 24/7. Keep in mind their 1-hour support guarantee, which states that if they don't respond to your submitted trouble ticket within an hour, you will receive credit to your account (depending on how much delay you have experienced). We believe that this promise only helps to improve response time. A 99.9% uptime guarantee, backed by a zero-risk 100% anytime "no questions asked" money-back guarantee ensures that you will enjoy maximum satisfaction from your account with IX Hosting. If you're unsatisfied at any time, they will offer you 100% of your current month's fees plus any pro-rated fees remaining as compensation. 

IX Web Hosting Plans
Linux/UNIX & Windows Hosting Plans
IX Expert Plan: Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth @ $3.95 per month (host up to 2 domains)