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When Traffic is Your Friend
Is traffic important to you? Are you wondering if affordable web hosting is right for you? Take extra caution while choosing your affordable web site host if your online enterprise is anything more than a friends-and-family or vanity site because traffic is integral to your success. For the uninitiated, traffic is a measurement of the number of visitors clicking to and through your site. The question is how can affordable web hosting give you the help you need to get those visitors flocking to your website time and time again? Find out how you can make and educated decision on your affordable web site host!

One way millions of webmasters drive traffic to their sites is through search engine optimization essentially, designing the content on your website such that it appears more and more frequently on more and more search engines' pages, edging closer and closer to the coveted top of page 1 of search results each time. Before choosing an affordable web hosting service, consider whether it offers any such tools, and if so, what?

For example, does your affordable web hosting provider offer to review and analyze your site for search engine optimization? Does it help you select the keywords and keyword phrases that will best position your site where you want it to be? Will it help you generate meta tags, those all-important headers at the top of the surfer's browser? And while it's at it, will your affordable web site host also check your HTML for those detrimental inaccuracies?

Another endless task of yours in promoting your site will be submitting your URL to every (relevant) search engine, directory, classified, and blog you can.  Before you even make it to the bottom of your growing list once, it's time to resubmit to the top priorities.

Fortunately, many affordable web hosting companies offer to automatically submit your site to the search engines, directories, classifieds, and blogs of your choice, and resubmit on an optimal schedule. Some affordable web site host providers may even make suggestions as to where and how often to produce the greatest results. Other affordable web hosting services help you find websites with the same types of visitors you seek, and assist you in getting them to link to you. The most advanced affordable web hosting providers will track the effectiveness of your traffic campaign so that neither you nor your automated mailer is wasting time.

But let's say you've done all the proper and necessary submitting. How are you to know whether your site ever actually made it on the list? Whether from a scam, an innocent oversight, a technological glitch, or an error on your part, your listing may or may not wind up where you intended it to go. So one of two things is going to have to happen: Either you need to repeatedly check every search engine, directory, and blog to which you submitted your listing to make sure it's made it up there, or you can have your affordable web hosting provider do it for you. But will it? That's the question.

Having heavy traffic involves far more than just getting visitors to your site. You also want them to stick around for a while and explore. Traffic is not simply measured by how many times people click on your home page; it's also about how many links within your site that are clicked, and how much time people spend on your site enjoying your content. Yes, content. An affordable web hosting provider really ought to help you come up with a comprehensive, attractive, appealing, inviting site, both graphically and contextually. Can it help you make your site interactive? Animated?; Even better.

Finally, and quite possibly most importantly, traffic is also about getting visitors to return to your site, again and again and again. You'll want to find an affordable website hosting provider; that gives you easy-to-use tools to update your site. Think about what features you'll need: a calendar, an autoresponder, newsletter, charts and graphs, etc. Each affordable web site host offers a slightly different twist on mostly the same selection of variables. Even if you're designing your initial site on some other third party program, when you realize how often you'll be needing to update your content (if, that is, you want repeat traffic), you're going to want facile point-and-click tools accessible directly from your affordable website host. Find tools you like, because you'll be using them a lot.

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